Landscaping Trends in Tampa, Florida

With its warm weather and proximity to the beach, Tampa, Florida is considered an ideal city to live in by many people. Home values in Tampa have gone up steadily over the past several years, but if you want to increase the value of your Tampa home even further, one of the best things you can do is to add amazing landscaping and garden features to your property. With the gorgeous climate, there’s so much you can do to your yard. Here are some of our favorite landscaping trends in Tampa, Florida this year.

Appealing Walkways

A great touch for any yard is a walkway to direct visitors through your property. Whether you add a sidewalk leading to your front door, or a more whimsical path leading through your backyard, this Tampa landscaping trend adds a touch of professionalism and class to an otherwise ordinary yard. There are many materials you can use to build a walkway – wood, brick, concrete, etc, and each has their own pros and cons. You can accent your path even more by adding flowers or other greenery on the sides, or even by creating an appealing pattern in your walkway with your materials. For example, if you are working with bricks, you may choose to offset them in a cross-hatch pattern.

Water Features

In an area like Tampa that has a warm and wet climate, water features are a great way to accentuate your yard. If you have a large open space in your backyard, you may choose to install a ground-level pool, fish pond, or stream. You can also opt for a waterfall by using the natural curves of the land or by making use of one the walls of your home. Tampa is a particularly good place to install water features because there is no harsh winter, so they will never freeze up.


vinesUsing classic vines or climbing plants is a great way to make a relatively average home look stately and classic. If you have a fence, adding vines to it makes it look softer and less harsh, as well as adding a bit of mystery to your yard. Adding vines or climbing plants to your walls is another great way to use them. They look stunning crawling up the side of the building next to a window. Just be sure to keep them trimmed so they don’t get out of control.

Brightly Colored Plants

There’s nowhere better than Florida to use vibrant colors to make an impact in your yard. You can try out this trend by planting small groups of flowers throughout your property, or you can really go for it with a large flowering tree. These plants make your property look very luscious and rich, and draw the attention of anyone wandering down the street. Bright plants are a particularly good option for urban houses, because they contrast well with the neutral tones of the city and make things more lively.

Edible Landscaping

tampa-landscaperIf you want your landscaping to be just as functional as it is attractive, go for edible plants like fruits and vegetables. There are many types of these plants that will grow in a warm climate, and you’ll get to enjoy the fresh taste of eating things that you’ve grown in your own backyard. You can plant many of these items in pots in small quantities, or you can plant a row of them.

Try these landscaping trends to make your Tampa, Florida yard more fun and vibrant. Having a beautiful yard will help you love your home even more than you already do. is one of the most recommended company in the area. Contact them for a free quote.