5 U.S Restaurants Who Bagged Michelin Three-Stars 2019

It was indeed a happy and positive day for the upper ranking people. As the new list of Michelin approved hotels were out, surprisingly we saw many new U.S restaurants added to the list. 

The Inn at the Washington D.C won the third place, whereas the Atelier Crenn won the top honors.

SingleThread has brought the total of 3-star restaurants on the Bay Area to a count of 8. On the other hand, the Coi went down by two stars after the chef gave up from competing in the culinary Olympics.

Now, U.S has a total of 15 restaurants that boasts with the Michelin 3 stars rating. Well, out of them, 13 of them belong to Tokyo alone!

5 U.S Restaurants Who Bagged Michelin Three-Stars 2019

My favorite 5 U.S restaurants, who now holds the Michelin Three-Stars are listed below: 

Alinea, Chicago

Even when Michelin ran its 2011 edition, chef Grant Achatz’s style of preparing cuisine and molecular gastronomy has always deserved a three-star rating. Taking inspiration from different parts of the world, you will find dishes like chicken made with Mexican spices, on the other hand, a unique Japanese fish could be the next thing.

Benu, San Francisco

Chef Cory Lee is the main genius behind Benu’s success. He has merged different flavors from Korea, Japan, and even China using the techniques he learned during the French Laundry days for 4 years.

Eleven Madison Park, New York City

It’s the team efforts of both Daniel Humm and Will Guidara which bought the Eleven Madison among the U.S. Michelin star restaurants. Humm believes in keeping the menu elegant yet simple, and with constant efforts, they finally received the 3 stars in 2012. Also, this hotel has topped in the World’s Best Restaurants in 2017.

Manresa, Los Gatos, CA

David Kinch is the guy, who is an expert at developing vegetable-centric dished based on the California cuisine. Tidal Pool is one of his signature dishes, which will surely remind you of the rocky coasts of the Bay area.

Saison, San Francisco

We have Joshua Skenes here, who was interested to join the art school initially but later decided to enroll in the French Culinary Institute. He started off Saison just like a popup business, but it turned to be a big hit turning the business into a permanent one. It’s only the past year when Joshua stepped down from running Saison and gave in the authorities to Laurent Gras who has been able to sustain the 3-stars for 2019 as well.

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