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Hotel services are a great relief for travelers away from their homes. The hotel industry is a noble business with many considering it a community service. However, it can also be extremely competitive. Large amounts of money are invested in this sector every year worldwide.

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Hoteliers even collect feedback to improve themselves. They wish to maintain the quality of services they provide in their establishment. In this competition, to know the expectations of the customers can be advantageous. It can give an edge to a hotel over others. With those things in mind, here is a list of things that a customer or guest expects from a hotel:

  • Hygiene:

Foremost important thing is cleanliness. After all, we have heard ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. Guests expect clean surroundings, bathrooms, W.C’s, spotless sheets, bug-free mattresses, pleasant-smelling rooms, etc. The cleanliness aspect in a hotel is not only a matter of looks but it is also important for health issues.

People expect that the hotel must clean its premises daily. While it is not practical for some hoteliers, maintenance of hygiene must be a top priority.

  • Respect for customer:

Imagine, the moment you walk in a store and the owner treats you like filth and harasses you without any reason. Will you buy anything from such a place?

Likewise, guests expect a sense of respect for themselves when they check-in a hotel. It is the duty of hotel staff to treat customer with full dignity.

Service industry is dependent on the satisfaction of customer. A simple ‘good morning’ wish can also affect mood of guests. So hotels must remember about this aspect, Enhance Guest Hotel Experience.

  • Good quality of food:

Quality foodGuests do not wish for ridiculously overpriced food items or those dishes which simply boast to be the best. Customers expect a decent quality of food in exchange of money they are willing to pay.

Food safety regulations must be kept in mind before starting a hotel. Many people get hospitalized due to misconduct of kitchen in a hotel. Do you think that after such an incident, a customer will want to stay in your hotel?

Obviously no! to add insult to injury, they will make sure to degrade your brand name in every manner possible.

For many people, food is a part of celebration. It is an experience they wish to enjoy by eating quality food with family and friends. Hoteliers must respect this sentiment.

  • Wide range of facilities:

Nowadays, customers expect extra facilities apart from the basic needs from a hotel. Wi-Fi, gym area, swimming pool, mobile check-in and check-out service, laundry services, spas, playground, casinos, etc. are the wide range of facilities people expect.

It is not mandatory to involve all of these services, but to fulfil the expectations of guests, creates value for them. When the guests are assured that the services are worth the money, they can even act as marketers for your hotel.

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