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When food prices rise and incomes go nowhere, dollar stores thrive and attract injured customers, many from the middle class, with discounted ramen noodles, frozen casseroles, and many more packaged foods. But health lawyers say cheap food is expensive and that some communities have a hard time keeping companies from spreading.

Earnings from the national network, including Family Dollar and Dollar General, increased in 2011. As the Family Dollar said on Friday, earnings increased 11% to $ 134.9 million in the last quarter of the year. above – in part due to increased sales of “consumables”, food and household products traditionally sold in supermarkets. These items now represent 70% of the company’s sales, after 61% five years ago.

According to executives, Family Dollar plans to expand its food selection this year and open 450 to 500 new stores. Dollar General, the country’s largest dollar chain, also plans to open 625 new stores in 2012, the company said last week.

Dollar stores have benefited from an overall rise in food prices and have attracted more shoppers, though margins are falling. In 2011, the consumer price index for takeaways increased from 4.25% to 4.75% in one year, as forecast by the Ministry of Agriculture. Food price inflation is expected to continue until 2012. Meanwhile, wages in the United States have increased slowly over the past decade and stagnated before the recession.

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Dollar stores see opportunities in the sad economy. The Family Dollar, based in Matthews, North Carolina According to communications director Josh Braverman, 300 new foods are expected in 2012, including offerings from Kraft, Nature Valley and General Mills. With the exception of milk and eggs, the staple foods necessary for qualification of food brand programs, all foods are packaged, processed, or frozen.

“Our main client is still very stressed,” said Howard Levine, CEO of Family Dollar, when he called the company’s results with analysts and investors on Friday. If you find yourself wondering why I’m going to have dinner instead of buying a new shirt, our customers will quickly see what matters most.

Everyone is trying to raise more money, said Bloom.


Packaged foods are not at all harmful to health if they are part of a full diet. According to Mari Gallagher, a health policy researcher, consultant, and associate professor at the Northeast Urban Health Research Institute.

In 2008, for example, a zoning law was passed in Philadelphia’s historic Germantown district, prohibiting the opening of new stores in a historic district that has already been overtaken by retailers. Last spring, there was controversy over a proposed dollar tree, which developers referred to as a “grocery store” to comply with regulations.

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