MyPrepaidCenter Cards offer for old mobile phones

At a government-funded charity, British consumers can now trade old phones for an instant reward on Main Street.

With the catalog distributor Argos, the green organization has implemented a program whereby customers can exchange old phones and tablets for gift vouchers from the store.

The scheme extends to other elements, eg. B. Laptops if it works.

Computer industry analyst Chris Green told BBC News that previous technology recycling programs have been successful.

The challenge is to get more people to recycle more, he said.

We know that drawers and cabinets contain a lot of redundant technology and it is better to recycle them than to go to the landfill.

Most programs are generally email-based, but adding this additional element is ideal for engaging different parts of society: people who are less familiar with the Internet or who don’t have time to access a post office during business hours but have time to go to a store after work.

MyPrepaidCenter Registration Procedure

To register on the online portal, you need to follow some simple steps. We have explained those steps in a much simple language below. Have a read:

  1. To begin the registration procedure, visit the official website of the MyPrepaidCenter at the address
  2. Now, tap the button that reads “Register”.
  3. You will be redirected to the next page where a registration form will be displayed.
  4. In this form, some basic details like the name, surname, contact details, etc. will be inquired.
  5. After that, some basic information regarding your card will be inquired.
  6. After submitting all the required details, tap “Submit”.
  7. At last, you will be displayed a “Thank you” message for registering on this portal. This concludes your registration procedure on the portal.
  8. Now, you just need to sign in to access all the features and the benefits offered by this portal.

Argos transfers the exchanged items to a specialized service provider to delete the data and prepare it for reuse.

Customers immediately receive a free sale offer. And when they disconnect from the device, they receive gift vouchers that they can spend on Argos; Quantity depends on product model and item condition.

The cost of cleaning the data is taken into account when calculating the amount the consumer receives in exchange for their product.

The service provider has direct connections to commercial markets and can evaluate products in real-time.

If more retailers join the plan later, it’s up to them to decide how they want to compete for customers’ businesses.

The annual billing of the cards exceeds 4 billion euros. About half is given as a personal gift, the rest for business purposes.

However, 6% of the value of the cards is never used, also because they expire after a fixed period, which can only be one year.

The gift card states that many MyPrepaidCenter stores extend the expiration date with each use.

According to the association, sales of gift cards in retail stores in 2011 amounted to 2 billion euros. The companies bought another € 2.18 trillion for promotions or to reward employees.

Part of the 250 million euros not used are changes to the card. For example, you can use a $ 20 card to buy something for $ 18.99. Therefore, $ 1.01 must be spent too late.

When I tried to use it, they told me it was empty. But I only won because the card hadn’t been used in two years. But no money was spent.

Mick’s card was typical. The terms and conditions on the back of the card contain a notice that expires “12 months after purchase” or “two years after last use.”

But the print is usually low and there is never a date that indicates exactly when the value disappeared or when it was purchased.

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