SF Updates: The First Ever All-Robot Burger Restaurant is Now Open!

People of San Francisco is all excited to try out this new All-Robot Restaurant named Creator! It’s a one of a kind of restaurant where robots will be serving you hamburgers costing you ~$6!

I am not at all kidding!

This place is the result of the year-long research carried out by some of the brightest minds who have worked at Walt Disney Engineering, Chez Panisse, Tesla. The company who has worked behind the shaping and the making of the restaurant is the Bay-area based Creator, who was previously known by the name Momentum Machines – founded by Alex Vardakostas in the year 2012.

Robot Burger Restaurant

SF Updates: The First Ever All-Robot Burger Restaurant is Now Open!

There’s no need for the tickets, as the food is served with the first-come-first-serve basis.

It runs from Wednesday to Friday from 11 am to 2 pm. Day and the timings are fixed, and so make sure that you plan the dining thing accordingly.

This robot power restaurant has a 14-foot long kiosk machine that mainly does the burger-making process. It can grind the contents, make the bun, do the cooking part, toppings, etc. The company began its working in the month of June, during which they had this ticket based kind of serving.

Later, they started the first-come-first-serve focussing more on what the customer demands and improving the burger quality.

There’s one other place called the Flippy in California where the burgers are made using Robots. But, both Creator and Flippy operate in a different style. Flippy makes use of thermal sensors and a long set of cameras for the preparation of the food. While the topping and the dressing part of the food are done manually.

On the other hand, Creator does both the making as well as the dressing thing for you. Yeah, so both the Creator and the Flippy operate in different ways.

Robots are a good option in places where there’s a high rush of people. You can get the burgers made quickly, and there’s no risk of getting injured either.

I liked this concept of using a Robot for the making of the burger, but the burgers got to taste good too if they want more people to visit the place again. Innovation is good on its side,  but in the end, it’s all about the food which is being served.

Have you been to the Creator yet? What are your thoughts on this robot-making-your-food concept? Write in your replies in the comment space below!

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